Lesbians told that ‘sodomy is sin’

The first set of civil partnership ceremonies for gay couples in the UK are being held in Northern Ireland.

‘Gay weddings’ first for Belfast »
This is all great news – that such minorities can get such recognition in Northern Ireland. However…
… protestors mounted a noisy demonstration outside as lesbian couple Grainne Close and Shannon Sickles became the first to tie the knot under new civil partnerships legislation.
The Free Presbyterians, carrying banners saying “Sodomy is Sin”, described the marriage as an “abomination before the Lord”.

The Irish Independent: Free Presbyterians picket first gay marriage in NI
Which suggests that the freebie presbs don’t know very much about lesbian sex, or have an odd interpretation of ‘sodomy’. Check out the BBC article for a photograph of the weirdo protestors »
Compare Pictures:
Nothern Ireland Free Presbyterians
Craggy Island Catholics

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  1. On the eve of the first Gay Rights match in Belfast, the then unionist controlled council, hung a banner from the town hall, it read
    ‘Ulster Says No To Sodomy’, seems times haven’t changed much.

  2. Maybe they’re not familiar with the concept of lube? If someone organised handouts of free lube to the Free Presbyterians, then maybe they could grow to enjoy sodomy more.

  3. Don’t be tellin’ me dem lesbians aren’t usin’ dildos. Dey are usin’ dem lef’, righ’ an’ centre! And one o’ dem directions is SODOMY

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