Shitegeist mentioned by Zeitgeist namedropped in the Sunday Tribune, in Ireland:

In the century after Nietzsche called time of death for the Almighty, western culture made various attempts to fill the ravenous abyss of unbelief.
All have failed.
So we now live in a time where the only intellectually respectable pose, if you’re young enough to still care about such things, is an increasingly bitter . . . and increasingly chic . . .cynicism.
In the ’90s this feeling got a catchy Britpop sound courtesy of Blur’s Modern Life is Rubbish, providing some mood music for our slouch into utter nihilism via reality TV, nonentity celebrities, boyband mediocrities and other apocalyptic signs we have turned into zombies . . .something the 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead, captured perfectly.
Talk radio and the caustic media of blogs are also driven by this feeling . . . the “Shitegeist”, as the blog terms it.

Modern life is rubbish »
The thing is, we never referred to anything outside as the ‘shitegeist’ – the stories we pull in from the outside world are the ‘zeitgeist’. The stuff we turn out ourselves – that’s the shitegeist.
Make sense of it all, if you can…

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