Brokeback Pyramid


Most folks will be unsurprised at stories of homosexual love from the Ancient World, most notably from Greece and later Rome. Acknowledgement of the large role that homosexuality played in the ancient world has long been accepted as critical in understanding these historical periods. Yet still, it seems that the ‘love that dare not speak it’s name’ is still managing to get certain greybeards into a right royal flap.

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A series of paintings showing two men in a warm embrace and other tender poses discovered on the walls of a 4,000 year old Egyptian tomb have triggered a bitter debate over gay life in ancient Egypt.
To many Egyptologists the men were likely mere friends, but to other researchers of the land of the Pharaohs the paintings are an indication that same-sex relationships were accepted in ancient Egypt.
The debate broke into an all out battle of words at a recent international conference at the University of Wales.

Brokeback Pyramid

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