Bigfoot fever grips Malaysia


Yaaaar! Tis been a while since we’ve had any decent Bigfoot activity round these parts.

A news report from Reuters informs us that folks in Malaysia are going Bigfoot mad, with a recent rash of sightings.

Bigfoot fever is gripping Malaysia, with local newspapers and the official news agency reporting sightings of a huge ape in southern rainforests.
In one reported sighting, an indigenous man claimed he saw a 10-feet-tall (300-cm-tall) ape standing on two legs beside a river in heavy rainforest in Johor state, the director of the state’s national-parks service told Reuters on Sunday.
“He said it was hairy all over, like a gorilla,” said Hashim Yusoff, director of Johor National Parks Corp

The return of the Hairy Fella

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