Colombian town orders teenagers to carry condoms


Somehow, I just can’t see this happening in my hometown. That’s not to say it wouldn’t sort out a bit of the mess come Father’s Day, but it might be just a tad too progressive for some of the greybeards from my neck of the woods. Anyhoo.
Tulua town councilman William Pena has mightily pissed off the local Catholic Church by having the temerity to try to stop the spread of AIDS, by ordering local teenage boys to carry condoms and to treat this obligation with the same gravity that they would the obligation to carry a form of identification.

Father Jesus Velasquez of the local Catholic church said he wouldn’t let the measure pass without a fight, comparing it to “selling guns in the streets.”
“What is required is education and respect for moral and Christian values,” he said.

I think I speak on behalf of the majority of teenage boys everywhere when I say that Father Velasquez should shut his ignorant, backward, sex-hating, medieval yack-hole. Being a member of a celibate order, this is a matter which he had no authority to speak on. Or perhaps, being a man of the modern world, he is more up on matters of teenage sexuality than the average Catholic priest that we get over here in Europe? Eh? Eh?
Safe sex or ELSE

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