Turning dead cats into diesel

A German inventor says he’s found a way to make cheap diesel fuel out of dead cats.
Dr Christian Koch, 55, from Kleinhartmannsdorf, said his method uses old tyres, weeds and animal cadavers.
They are heated up to 300 Celsius to filter out hydrocarbon which is then turned into diesel by a catalytic converter.

Annelise Krauss of the Dresden Animal Protection Association blasted Koch’s new diesel though, saying: “This is as bad as experimenting on animals.”
How is this as bad as experimenting on animals? When I die, I’d be honoured if someone recycled my carcass! After all, the animals are DEAD. D.E.A.D. Experimenting usually involved LIVE animals, and can be considered cruel.
As commented upon elsewhere on this site, dead animals parts can, and are, used to produce energy. But somehow, it’s ok to use the energy from dead cows, but not from dead cats. Dear me…
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  1. Ah, that was debunked months ago on FT.
    “Inventor: I never used dead cats for fuel
    Wed Sep 14, 2005 12:51 PM ET167
    BERLIN (Reuters) – A German inventor said he has developed a method to produce crude oil products from waste that he believes can be an answer to the soaring costs of fuel, but denied a German newspaper story implying he also used dead cats.
    Christian Koch, an inventor and patent holder of the “KDV 500” that he said produces high quality fuel, said he can transform waste products such as paper, rubbish and plastic materials into fuel.
    But Koch, 55, said there was no truth to stories published in Bild newspaper Tuesday and Wednesday that suggested he used dead cats as part of the mix for his organic diesel fuel.
    “I use paper, plastics, textiles and rubbish,” Koch told Reuters.
    “It’s an alternative fuel that is friendly for the environment. But it’s complete nonsense to suggest dead cats. I’ve never used cats and would never think of that. At most the odd toad may have jumped in.” ”
    Full story at:

  2. OOps! Funny, I thought I read about it in FT. That will tell you how far behind I am in my Fortean Times issues…

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