Worlds Largest Ice Cream Cake


Well the title says it all ! A giant 8 tonne world record beating ice cream cake has been constructed in Beijing. I haven’t eaten one of these since my tenth birthday…

A group of 20 people worked 19 days and 19 hours to bake this cake, which is 2.5 tonnes heavier than the previous Guinness World record set by Americans in 2004.
The massive cake weighing eight tonnes is 4.8 metres (15.74 feet) long, three metres (9.84 feet) wide and one metre (3.28 feet) tall.
The stunt was attempted to promote a new children’s play called Ice Cream Mountain which will debut in Beijing on January 20.
The cake will now be sliced into 32,000 pieces and will be given to theatre-goers on the day of the play’s debut.
Hopefully this one won’t end up in the same sticky mess as the attempt to build the worlds largest ice lolly last June. A park in Manhattan had to be evacuated after it melted and flooded the area !
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