500,000 euros and a Toyota offered as reward to kill Dan Brown


A couple of months back, we made a joke about killing Dan Brown for crimes against literature. And now it seems that someone has taken us literally. A Paris correspondent for Al-Jazeera has reported that a bishop in Lyons is offering a half a million euros and a new Toyota for the first one that bumps off the hack novelist.

A Lyons priest today offered half a million euros and a top-of-the-line Toyota as a reward to anyone who killed Dan Brown or any executive of the Da Vinci Code publishers, Jonathan Cape. Speaking to a 1,000-strong crowd gathered after Mass outside the church of St Marie-la-Vierge, Fr Jules Monbiot announced that the offer was “a unanimous decision by all bishops that whoever insults the one true Church deserves to be killed, and whoever will take this insulting man to his end will get this prize”.

We should, of course, make it absolutely clear that in no way, under any circumstances, in any shape, fashion or form , does anyone here at Blather.net in any way want the Dan Brown referred to here, confused with our Dan Brown. Or shot dead for a bag of yo-yo’s and a Yaris.
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  1. I ran across this article on the Dan Brown News site and it rang true, especially with all the crazy cartoons on Islam circulating. I can’t find any support elsewhaere for the death threat. I sthis a total hoax? If so, it was a bad one and very untimely. Alan Snow alansnow@aol.com

  2. PT-BR: A igreja Católica faz muitas coisas erradas a muitos e muitos anos e nem por isso um bispo foi morto, se Dan B. quer escrever suas fantasias, que escreva, afinal de contas, todo ser humano é livre para fazer o que quiser, não sou fã dele e tão pouco de seus livros, mas é assim que funciona…
  3. EN: The Roman Church make wrong things long long years ago and never a bishop was killed, if Dan B. want write yours fantasy, that it writes, all humans is free to make what to want, I’m not fannatic of it, and so little his books, but it is as soon this works…

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