Voodoo Head Stopped at Florida Airport

US immigration officials have arrested a Haitian woman after baggage screeners found a human head in her luggage at a Florida airport.
Myrlene Severe, 30, has been charged with failing to declare the head on a customs form and transporting “hazardous material”.

And what may I ask, is ‘hazardous’ about a severed head? Well, actually, Mr Severe (what a great name!) got hassled cos it wasn’t a ‘clean’ skull.
Ah, I remember it well. March 1996 – I had travelled to Prague, skimming across the Bohemian snows in the sleeping car of a train carriage from a distant era. While in the Czech Republic, I had visited the Kostnice at Kutna Hora – a church used as ossuary for bones from deconsecrated graves. Better still, the entire interior is decorated with human bones – check out the sculptures!
In the souvenir shop I purchased a replica skull, made from plaster of paris, and looking very realistic – missing teeth, dirty, etc. The shop assistant packed it up, and put in a brown cardboard box for transport.
It was only when I was at Frankfurt Airport, en route to Dublin that I realised my potential folly. My hand luggage was on the conveyor to the x-ray machine, and I began to worry. As my bag passed through the x-ray, I could clearly see the outline of a human skull on the screen. The security staff never twitched – not an eyebrow was raised.
My bag was handed back to me. I worried that these people got heads in hand baggage through here all the time…
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