Elected Members of Parliament stopped from protesting at Shannon

A CROSS-party group of politicians was forced to cut short their protest yesterday at the use of Shannon by the United States military when airport police ejected them from the building.
The TDs, including Labour’s Joe Costello, Joe Higgins (Independent), Tony Gregory (Ind), John Gormley (Green), Finian McGrath (Ind) and Tommy Broughan (Lab), flew down from Dublin to protest at alleged “rendition” flights going through Shannon.

However, after a short time in the arrivals hall, where they posed behind a banner declaring “US Army out of Shannon”, the group was requested to leave the building by a senior airport police officer under the Air and Navigation Transport Act.
John Gormley said: “We find it strange that we have been asked to leave and President George Bush was welcomed here with open arms only a week ago.”
Irish Independent: Protesting TDs ejected from Shannon airport
IOL: Anti-war politicians ejected from Shannon terminal

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  1. this is actually a good thing – just because they are TDs doesn’t mean they should have more rights. If TDs are prevented from protesting they will have to extend more rights to protest to everyone.

  2. don’t trust the indo for sources, Joe Higgins is not independent but a member of the Socialist Party. Did anyone get a photo of these TDs in an Irish Airport. Perhaps they could fly back to Dublin and protest about the sell off of a state airline. there were 39 marches down o’connell street last year, they want to restrict these, they have already banned postering for marching.
    Perhaps the indo spell checker hasn’t got the word socialist. Nor would the sub eds or editors understand what a socialist is.

  3. I don’t trust the indo as far as I’d throw it – but do you see the story anywhere else?

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