76% of Irish people want government to inspect CIA flights at Shannon

Three-quarters of Irish people want the Government to inspect alleged CIA “torture flights” passing through Shannon Airport, according to Amnesty International.
The human rights group says 76% of respondents to a poll it carried out want such flights to be examined by the authorities.

The question posed was:
“It is alleged that CIA flights currently using Shannon airport may be illegally transferring abducted suspects to Guantánamo, Iraq, and other secret locations, where they may face the risk of torture and/or death. Do you think that the Irish Government should be checking each of these flights to see if this is actually happening?”
Yes – 76%
No – 14%
Don’t Know – 10%
Amnesty: New research finds that 76% of Irish people think that planes linked to rendition should be checked
Amnesty Ireland
76% want Govt to inspect CIA flights at Shannon

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  1. These type of surveys are always agenda loaded. I would not be a bit surprised if Amnesty had focused on a group of crusty liberal arts students in UCD.
    “Where they may face the risk of torture and/or death”- What type of crap is this? What, they may have their Korans handled by “Infidel” hands? They may feel slightly over attended to by virtue of the fact that there are more doctors than prisoners in Gitmo!
    Its bad taste to invent a problem when there is actually is none. This is agenda loaded rubbish, anti-american scribery at best. Where are the surveys on the rising anti-jewish attacks across Europe, the Amnesty surveys on Darfour.
    We are not morally responsible for the actions of the US be they using Shannon or not. And this moral granstanding will change nothing. Typical leftie hot air.

  2. And *that* smells like a load of rightie hot air.
    We’re not morally responsible for the actions of another country. We’re responsible for our own complicity.
    I see you also appear to be working off the ‘arrested therefore guilty’ template – would you fancy spending time in ‘Gitmo’, at the hands of the doctors, without being charged of a crime, waiting for the U.S. military to think up one for you?

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