The Shooting of Werner Herzog

“Just in case you haven’t gotten your quota of movie-related bizarre today, here’s one that’s sure to satisfy. The BBC was videotaping an interview with Wener Herzog about 2005 movie Grizzly Man, a documentary about how young environmentalists Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard were killed by bears while attempting to live among them in Alaska. (The movie was reviewed this past August by our own Ryan Stewart.) Cue the bizarre: while filming an outside scene, some miscreant shot at Herzog with an air rifle, apparently hitting him in the abdomen. Herzog insisted he wasn’t hurt, and said he didn’t want the BBC to try and chase down the offender.”
Update: since this first appeared on blather on 9 February I’ve had people ask me exactly how to follow the link and find the piece of film. I’ve made sure that the Cinematical link (directly below) works. Simply click it, and then scroll down through the text and click “Read.” OR even better, click this link and it’ll immediately start playing in Real Player.

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  1. Hi Daev. I saw the show and it was quite amazing. Herzog shrugged the whole thing off but Mark Kermode (the interviewer) was obviously stunned by the episode.
    Herzog impiled this had happened before. For someone else this would be a shocking event, but for the awesome German director, apparently, it’s no biggie.
    To top it off, a couple of days later Herzog helped Joaquin Phoenix from a car crash! Check out the article in the LA Times:

  2. If you’ve seen that movie, you’ll notice how crazy the Grizzly Man is. If I remember correctly, the film finishes with Herzog listening to the audio tape of them being killed by the bears (tape recorder was left on). As always with Herzog, brilliant filmmaking, but you’ve got to wonder where he finds these characters!

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