“Cat”-scan predicts epileptic fits.


We’ve previously reported on how Dog Doctors Are Better Than A Mammogram and now more evidence of medically marvellous animals can be seen thanks to Tee Cee, the amazing epilepsy predicting cat !

Nominated for the ‘Hero Cat’ title at the Rescue Cat of the Year awards, Tee Cee has the uncanny ability to predict when his owner, Michael Edmonds, is going to have an epileptic fit. Prior to a seizure, the cat will sit still and stare intensely at Mr Edmonds and will then run to warn his wife when the seizure begins. The family says that the forewarnings are invaluable to them.
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Personally I think that they’ve got it all the wrong way round and that Tee Cee is actually an evil genius. After inducing an epileptic fit by staring into Mr Edmonds eyes and blinking in a stroboscopic manner, the devious cat will then use the resulting chaos to sneak into the fridge and steal all the kippers ! From what I know of cats (I’m more of a dog person), they spend most or their day just sitting and staring at us anyway – perhaps they’re all out to get us !


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  1. Tee Cee clearly refers to the oft used abreviation of Top Cat, who was a cartoon reworking of Sgt. Bilko. Clearly there must therefore be some form of financial upside for a feline with such a background.

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