Haunted Newsrooms And A Homeless Ghost


The employees of The Chronicle Herald in Nova Scotia, Canada have been having some unusual encounters with the permanent residents of their building.

Peter Duffy, one of the writers at the paper investigated a recent sighting of a ghostly woman in a white dress striding through the offices. Alas, his review of the security camera tapes revealed nothing, however he did uncover all sorts of interesting tales about the building:
(Part 1)
(Part 2)
In other news, the people of the Madhya Pradesh region of India are at it again (see Indian Schools Closed Due To Ghosts and Indian man struggles to prove he’s not dead). This time, a village is being haunted by a homeless ghost. The ghost apparently lost it’s home after the tree it was living in blew down. Now the terrified villagers are building it a house to try and appease it. It all smells a bit fishy to me though – apparently “the ghost doesn’t want his new house to be constructed with donations by the villagers. He wants the house to be constructed through the panchayat (a sort of local county council) and registered in his name” !
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