Irish Church of Scientology almost broke


Ahhhhhhh haaa haaa ha haaaaa haaa haaaaaaaaa! (deep breath) ahhhhh haa haaaa haaaaaaaaa! (snorts and hollers from background) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee heee heee hee heeeee haaa haaaa haaaaaaa!

‘INTEREST-FREE loans from abroad are propping up the troubled Irish branch of the controversial Church of Scientology.
Financial documents seen by the Irish Independent reveal that the church is more than €1m in the red after running up huge legal bills in an epic eight-year battle brought by a disgruntled former member.
As a result, members of the mega-rich Church of Scientology in the United States have had to cough up almost €400,000 just to keep the Dublin arm afloat.’

…ahhhhhh haaaa haaaa haaaaa haa haa ha ha ha (gapsing for breath, slapping hand off desk) ahhh haaa heee hee he he he he he he heeeeeee… ooooo hoo hooo hee haaa haaaa!
That’s right you shower of pricks. You’re not wanted here. Take the first plane home and don’t ever return to our country. You’re about as welcome as a pin-prick in a condom and as convincing as tuxedo-clad rat trying to get into an all Rhino nightclub. You’re absurd cult was founded by a failed science-fiction writer, is led by deluded egomanical ham actors and has all the spiritual resonance of a throw-away wank on a lonely Tuesday night in November. L. Ron Hubbard? You were a goddamned charlatan.
Ah haaaaa haaaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaa….


From the Irish Independent (free registration required)

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Poor Damian
    Think you’re deluded. Do you have a problem. Something you need to get off your chest.
    What have you contributed to mankind? I won’t bother with the contrived laughter at this point. I’m Irish and a Scientologist, so maybe a rasist agenda that we should all leave the country. Failed Science Fiction Writer – False, check with Guinness Book of Records;
    Ham Actors- False, Tom Cruise recently recognised as #1 in Forbes 100 list for this year.
    Read it and weep, Bigot

  2. Yes Mark. That’s it. *I’m* the deluded one. I suppose I need a course now, do I? To fix those personality disorders I have, yeah?
    May I ask Mark, how are your thetan levels? Had any chats with Prince Xenu lately? How’s that whole scary intergalatic space-war, volcano-induced reincarnation vibe going?
    Sorry Mark, but Tom Cruise is a hack. He does the same thing in every movie: plays Tom Cruise. That’s right, it’s Tom as a 19th Century Civil-War general (The Last Samurai). Looking and sounding exactly like Tom Cruise. And here’s Tom (Collateral) as a hit-man. Looking and sounding exactly like Tom Cruise. And here he is (Magnolia) as a egomaniacal quasi-messianic … oh wait.
    And as for Hubbard. Puh-lease. His work (such as you can call it) was a joke: evidenced by the fact that Battlefield Earth was universally derided as one of the most preposterous, ridiculous pieces of rubbish to ever achieve a mainstream cinema release. Brought to us by another egomanical Hollywood cretin.
    Oh and by the by, if you’re going to accuse me of being a ‘racist’, please learn how to spell it properly. Thanks.

  3. Sounds like somebody needs to be cleansed of their body thetans! What would Xenu do?
    Honestly, how can someone claim to have a brain and also support sham-o-tology?

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