Crop Circles! Genetic Modification! Conspiracy! France!

According to
“A French court has ordered Greenpeace France to take down a web page with a Google Map that shows locations of commercial, genetically engineered corn fields in France. Greenpeace argues the online maps should not be censored because an EU law requires the French government to make the crop site”
From Greenpeace
“If you fly over the south of France you might be tempted to believe that aliens have landed with a huge crop circle appearing in a field of maize. But the aliens aren’t from a distant galaxy; it is GE maize from the laboratory of Monsanto — that the French government says you have no right to know about.”

Censorship: Greenpeace France ordered to remove information about GE field locations
Boing boingFrance: Greenpeace can’t show GE crop sites on Google Map
Good friend of Blather, webbie Brian was quoted: “Greenpeace France complied with, but will likely appeal, the censorship order…And Greenpeace International is now hosting the map from its servers in Amsterdam.”
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