How to contact your dead pet

A charming, if odd, idea this. Joshua P. Warren has authored a book entitled ‘Pet Ghosts: Animal Encounters From Beyond the Grave’ in which he details how you can make contact with your departed pets:
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‘First, Warren says, be mindful and rule out the conventional. “A simple explanation is usually the correct one,” Warren said. In other words, don’t assume you saw Fido’s ghost when it could have been a shadow of another object or a hallucination. A pet ghost could be luminous or even appear as it did in life. “You don’t necessarily know when you see an animal if it’s a ghost or not,” Warren said. “It’s much easier to identify a loved one who’s passed and come back.”
Second, help Fido want to come home. “Don’t forget them because they’re gone,” said Jungles, who owns three cats. “Keep their toys and blankets around. They (ghosts) will go where they’re happiest.” Warren agrees. “Recreate an environment conducive to the pet’s life,” he said. “Use your imagination and treat it like it’s alive.”
Third, create conditions ideal for ghost hunting…’


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  1. i have (hade) cats called titch and benji they died but will alway be in my heart
    I will allway LOVE YOU TITCH AND yOU BENJI
    i love you more than anything

  2. I had some pets. I had a dog named Lucy, she died in 1998.
    I had two hermit crabs who died in 2007.
    I had a cat who ran away in 2002, and never came back.
    And Angel, who died in 2002.
    Then Elvis, who died November 13, 2008…..his birthday, age 7. I miss him sooooo much.
    I love you Lucy…!
    I love you Pochohantas….!
    I love you Mulan…..!
    I love you Rufus……!
    I love you Angel….!
    I love you Elvis….!

  3. i would love to suprise my dad who had 2 dogs years ago and i know there spirit will be here because we have pics of them on the garden in would be great if i could contact them just tell me how to do it please!!!!

  4. Hi,my names Brian from Mass. My wife and I brought our beautiful little 8mo. old female cat Josie into the Vet for a routine spay,she died in an adverse effect of the anesthesia.I’m a 39 yr. old guy,a truck driver,and cried like a baby and still do.The Vet said she had heart failure.She was a very skiddish little baby,the smallest thing would frighten her.In my opinion she was in a strange place with strange people around away from the ones who love her and in my opinion she died of fear! I bet she was so frightened she had a heart attack.
    I love you Josie!
    I wish I could contact her spirit.

  5. Can anyone tell me how cochese, whisky, baz, judy, sheba and ted are? I loved my pets truly and without giving away what kind of animals they were, I would like someone to tell me and how they are doing and whether they are with me.

  6. My Little Lady Pebbles Rottweiler passed away nearly a week ago, I am devasted just prey oneday we will be together again. lOVE YOU ALWAYS Pebbs

  7. I lost my beautiful Bunny Girl Easter on Sunday, and I feel awful. Vet said there was no more they could do and he had to send her on her way, but I feel so GUILTY!! She was on;y 2 and a half, and is missed hugely by us and her sister. Can someone please tell me how to contact her, I just want to know if she blames me for her death, and if she’s ok, and if I really have seen her… It’s just not fair!

  8. I used to have a dog named Princess, a friend had given her to us because she had to move away. I had her for two years and she died while I was at a friends. That same day, my parents buried her without me… I felt so horrible and kept thinking that everything was my fault. I know that her death was not my fault but, that day she died, I had made a promise to never get another dog and it will soon be 9 years since she has been gone and still I am companionless. I’ve asked and prayed for a sign to let me know if it’s okay to move on and to have another dog as a friend but I still haven’t been given a sign…

  9. I lost my 13 year old cocker “duffle” 3 months ago. The day he went i disposed of eveything he had, bed toys the lot in a selfish act of self pity to take away reminders. I still pray for a sign that he is ok and waiting for me, but fear my act of selfishness means i will never get that longed for reassurance. I miss you duffs, your in my thoughts everyday.

  10. Poo Bug, yes, I named you when I was 10 years old. We grew up together and then I watched you age into an old cat. It was unbearable. You lived 15 wonderful years and passed away on October 10, 2010. When I would cry, you would comfort me. I am crying now and I feel empty because you aren’t here to make me feel better. I love and miss you.

  11. My little princess, Patches, my heart has been broken since you left me..I can still see your eyes as you looked up at me before I sent you with another to be put down. I was a coward…I am so sorry to have let you die in another’s arm….

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