Iraq War: Extreme censorship and the death of Terry Lloyd

Interesting stuff this, suggesting that the US and UK military may have gone to extreme measures to ensure that indepedent journalists didn’t operate in Iraq during the invasion:

One of Britain’s most experienced television correspondents was unlawfully killed by U.S. soldiers in Iraq, an inquest into his death ruled on Friday. Veteran war correspondent Terry Lloyd, 50, who worked for ITN, was killed in March 2003 in southern Iraq as he reported from the front line during the first few days of the U.S.-led invasion.

…the driver of a minibus which took Lloyd to hospital, said Lloyd had been shot in the shoulder and his arm was broken from the initial exchange of fire but he had been able to walk to the vehicle. However, the driver said U.S. troops, possibly firing from a helicopter, had shot the journalist in the head while the vehicle was leaving the scene.

During the 10-day hearing, the inquest was also shown footage of the aftermath of the attack, taken by a cameraman attached to the unit accused of firing on Lloyd. A British Royal Military Police investigator said an expert estimated 15 minutes of film might have been cut from the beginning of the tape.

ITN bosses told the court that information might have been withheld about the incident, saying it was felt that both the U.S. and British military did not want “unilateral” journalists — those operating independent of troops rather than embedded with them — working in war zones. No U.S. soldiers agreed to appear at the inquest to give evidence.

U.S. troops “unlawfully killed” Terry Lloyd
Wikipedia: Terry Lloyd

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  1. these fucking hippies crack me up.’unlawfully killed’. you mean ‘voluntarily travelling to a war zone accidently being shot in the heat of battle during a confrontation between opposing forces’?

  2. Dear god:
    We may be fucking (quite often), but we aren’t ever hippies.
    Check out the OFFICIAL INQUEST details:
    “The inquest on Terry Lloyd’s death was held in October 2006 in Oxfordshire, and lasted eight days, recording the verdict on 13 October 2006. The Assistant Deputy Coroner, Andrew Walker, recorded a verdict of unlawful killing by U.S. forces, and announced he would write to the Director of Public Prosecutions asking for him to investigate the possibility of bringing charges.”
    Here on Wikipedia

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