Little White Men Seen In Fjord

Here’s a strange story about a mass hallucination from Aftenposten dated 18 May 2006, that I’ve only just noticed in Fortean Times:

A group of friends were partying on drugs when they saw a group of tiny, white men coming up out of the fjord. This terrified them so much they rang police to ask for protection, newspaper Bergensavisen reports. Police responded to the call from a cabin in Fusa. They found no little white men, but rather three confused Bergen residents and a pile of drugs.

Police also found the three-year-old daughter of the woman present at the Fusa party, so child services was called and the cabin and the homes of two of the callers searched, Bergensavisen reports. In total police found 23.7 kilos (52 lbs) of hashish, 314 grams of amphetamines and about 9,000 flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) tablets, altogether drugs with an estimated street value of NOK 840,000 – 1.4 million (USD 138,000 – 229,500).

Aftenpostedn: Hallucinations lead to bust

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