Pulp Fishin: It’s a goddamn miracle!

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as fish?

Chief Bottle Washer at Blather
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  1. After watching this PSA I immediately got up drank some plutonium and then pissed in my fish tank. And I loved that one little angle fish in particular.
    Bad PSA

  2. That little video is what I would consider a Public Service Annoucement, like NBC’s “What you should know”, or “Your Brain on Drugs” PSAs series which also makes me want to the opposite of what they are advising. Usually a nice or sound sentiment horribly self righteously executed and broadcast on TV or web by the Cocoon People.
    Or Penila Stimulation Apparatus which would explain the peeing in the tank part.

  3. Right. I’m still 50% lost. You mean NBC the American TV station, and not this website? And what the hell are the “Cocoon people”?
    So, whatcha got against fish?

  4. I wondered what had become of ole Niallycakes (not sure of pronunciation), but yes, the American TV station.
    Cocoon People are an Insurance Industry attack group that spawned thier diametrical opposed nightmare The Hope To Die Maniacs, whose motto “Save me from people trying to save me”, I have made my life’s work.
    I love fish, even the ones with tiny bones that make me Gaack when I eat them.

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