The cat that thinks it is a pigeon

When Wendy Hobbs spotted a cat up a tree in her garden a week ago, she was tempted to phone the fire brigade to get it back to earth.
But she soon realised that the tortoiseshell stray was there out of choice – and had set up home in a bird’s nest.

It leaves the flowering cherry tree to beg for food at the back door then, straight after its meal, climbs back up into the branches for a well-earned rest.
“I don’t know why she loves the tree,” said Mrs Hobbs, 66, a retired nurse from Reepham, Norfolk. “She sits there watching the traffic. My husband and I think the nest must have been a pigeon’s because it’s so messy.”
Despite the cat’s entertaining antics, Mrs Hobbs is keen to return it to its owners. “We have phoned the vet’s and apparently there have been no cats reported missing,” she said. “I’m sure someone must be looking for her and I’ve put adverts up everywhere.
“She’s very nosy so she could have come from anywhere. The other day I saw her hop on to the milkman’s float and sit on it as it went along the street, so I suppose she could have had quite a journey to get to us.”
(Source: Daily Mail | Image: Still from The Cat With Hands which you must watch now.)

Sue Walsh was partly brought up by cats in her native Wexford, where along with her brother, she scoured the river for junk. At the age of three her mother caught her carrying kittens in her mouth. She lived in the woods for a while, then the lure of the stage was too much, and she ran away with a theatre company. This enabled her to keep her multiple personalities happy, and so she is continuing to act whenever the opportunity arises. When not on stage or the silver screen, Sue can be found scribbling away and conducting séances. She is still scouring the river, hoping to find treasure in amongst the junk, just like Suzanne in the song...

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  1. Mojo tried to climb a tree today down in All Hollows. Mad yoke managed to cling on with his 4 paws on the trunk for about 5 seconds before he fell off.

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