The Hellfire Woods

Some Dublin-based ‘psychobilly’-type chaps have penned a ditty called “Hellfire Woods”, which is all about the scary stuff that happens at the Hellfire Club in the mountains south of Dublin city…

“Spellbound was formed in 1986 by brothers Frankie and Adrian Hayes, who came from Bray, Co Wicklow, 15 miles south of Dublin City. Unlike other Irish bands of their time, Spellbound decided to head directly to mainland Europe, where their 1988 debut album Mystical Madness was very well received and notched up many thousands in sales (amazingly, that album was never released in their home country). The boys blazed a brief trail across the rockabilly and psychobilly festivals of Germany and Scandanavia before, it seemed, vanishing back into the Hellfire woods of County Wicklow.”

Lads, lads, lads. Don’t be claiming the Hellfire Club for Wicklow. It’s in feckin’ Dublin! Rathfarnham to be exact!
(Thanks to Emily for forwarding this)
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  1. Mainland Europe? My eye! ‘Europe’ is something East of the Irish mainland, surely to god.

  2. indeed, “the continent” is off to the east, and has nothing to do with our goodselves, by the hokey.

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