Climate Chaos: Greenpeace take down Didcot today. Saturday, it’s Trafalgar Square!

Activists occupying conveyor at Didcot Power Station
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I’m in London right now, and there’s a lot going on about Climate Change here. There’s a huge event this weekend, plus:

One of Britain’s dirtiest power stations has been shut down by climate change campaigners. Thirty Greenpeace volunteers invaded the Didcot coal-fired power station at 5:30am this morning. They have immobilised the huge conveyor belts that carry coal into the plant by hitting emergency stop buttons and attaching themselves to machinery. A second group is climbing the 200 metre high chimney, and will set up a climate camp at the top.

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Climate campaigners shut down one of UK’s biggest power stations

Remember, remember, the 4th of November! Will you be wandering around London on that day? Worried about climate change wreaking catastrophic planetary destruction? Terrified you might not be able to get tickets to the next Glastonbury music festival? Not sure which you should be worrying about more?
If you’re in London, come to Trafalgar Square for the massive Stop Climate Chaos event. I’ll be there, running around with camera gear and a laptop, blogging like crazy.
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Press release: Come and be counted at the biggest climate change event of the year »

Stop Climate Chaos today announced the lively line up for its Saturday 4th November ‘I Count’ event held in London’s Trafalgar Square between 1-3pm. Thousands are expected to attend and ‘be counted’ at the free event that will take place on the eve of global climate change talks in Nairobi, demanding that the UK Government negotiate an international deal to keep global warming levels less that 2 degrees centigrade and introduce a Climate Change Bill into the Queens speech.

Speakers to include: KT Tunstall, Rob Newman, Miranda Richardson, Simon Amstell, Rufus Hound, Ashok Sinha (Director – Stop Climate Chaos), Bishop of Liverpool, Adam Hart Davis, Dr Hany El Banna (President – Islamic relief) and Sharon Looremeta.

Thousands of people will be travelling to the event from all over the UK. Surfers from the South West, walkers from the West Midlands and bus loads of people from all over the country will descend upon Trafalgar Square to be counted. With street bands, entertainment, film, performance and speakers – come and be part of the greatest climate chaos event of the year.

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