Ivor Cutler on BBC 2 – Friday 10th Nov ’06

Ivor Cutler: Looking For Truth with a Pin.
There are few writers or performers who can create such a surreal world of oddities and absurdities and still engage with a wholly accepting and believing audience. Spike Milligan could do it, certainly Flann O’Brien could and Ivor Cutler, often little more than a footnote in British performing arts, could engage better than most.
By the sheer generosity of his being, Ivor Cutler will envelop you with his own vision of what the world is and how it should be. If you’re not familiar with his work then tune in to BBC2 on Friday 10th (or to be precise Saturday 11th) at 12:40am. If you are familiar with Cutler then by now you’ll already have freed up that time slot and perhaps organised a small party of friends to join you. Cutler is not one for big belly laughs but expect your cheek to be a little sore the next day from the continuous broad smile he’ll bring to your face.
Looking for Truth with a Pin (IMDB)
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