Whale vomit for Christmas?

“In this season of strange presents from relatives, Dorothy Ferreira got a doozy the other day from her 82-year-old sister in Waterloo, Iowa. It was ugly. It weighed four pounds. There was no receipt in the box. Inside she found what looked like a gnarled, funky candle but could actually be a huge hunk of petrified whale vomit worth as much as $18,000.”

“Ambergris begins as a waxlike substance secreted in the intestines of some sperm whales, perhaps to protect the whale from the hard, indigestible “beaks” of giant squid it feeds upon. The whales expel the blobs, dark and foul-smelling, to float the ocean. After much seasoning by waves, wind, salt and sun, they may wash up as solid, fragrant chunks.”

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  1. Take a look at this!
    Martina, an 8 years old girl , writes a letter to Mr. Toyama, Captain of the Nisshin Maru Ship asking him to stop whale’s hunting. NM is the factory ship of the Japanese whaling fleet that is in the Antarctic Whale Sanctuary, iligaly hunting 945 whales.

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