Mel Gibson’s ‘Where’s Wally’? (via Apocalypto)

Twice in the last week this rather insane story has come to our attention here at Blather. Apparently, Gibson’s new blood-soaked Mayan epic, Apocalypto, contains a brief scene where the hero stumbles across a mass-grave with freshly slaughtered bodies dumped in piles. So far, so Gibson. Here’s where it gets interesting: apparently the final frame of the shot gives a glimpse of Wally (yes, of ‘Where’s Wally?’ fame) lying on top of the pile of cadavers.
At first I thought this was your standard fan-boy nonsense. After all, stories of hidden in-movie jokes and celluloid phantoms are legion: the most famous of which include the Volkswagen in Lord of the Rings (not true), the wristwatch-wearing extra in the Ben Hur galley sequence (I’ve looked and never seen it) and the ghost in Three Men and a Baby (it wasn’t, in point of fact, a ghost, but something far more frightening: a cardboard cut-out of Ted Danson). So, you’ll understand my cynicism.
But, this one is for real. Here’s a dodgy rip of the scene from the movie, lifted off of YouTube. Take a look, and towards the end of the clip, as the camera pans over the corpses, look out for the momentary red blip that appears on screen. If you can’t see it, press pause and drag the slider below the video window to seven seconds…

You see it?
Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto

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  1. seriously c’mon Nat own up, thats not for real, I spent four hours studying the wrong burial sequence in Braveheart before I found the transit, thatr cnt be for real

  2. i suppose it could have been worse: it could have been a shot of gibson in a nazi uniform holding up a sign saying ‘Hey, Sugartits!’

  3. That frame was added by the person who filmed the film at the cinema and posted it on torrent sites etc. It was edited in a programme such as Adobe Premiere. Very easy to do, just one frame.

  4. are you sure jack? it looks rather like it was done on set. and fits with gibson’s humour. there’s a one frame insert (of a bearded gibbo) in the trailer too.

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