Greenpeace ship Esperanza, next to disabled Japanese whaling vessel

I’ve just written this for this main Greenpeace website:

Antarctica ­ The Greenpeace ship Esperanza is currently staying close by the Japanese government’s whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru, which was disabled by fire on Thursday. This afternoon, we received a radio call from the whaling crew to tell us that the body of their missing colleague, 27-year-old Kazutaka Makita, had been found. We offered our condolences to the crew and would like to extend them to Kazutaka Makita’s wife and family.

The Esperanza had arrived at the location in the Ross Sea at about 07.00 (New Zealand daylight time) today. Two ships – the re-supply and re-fuelling vessel Oriental Bluebird and one of the harpoon, or catcher boats – were tied either side of the Nisshin Maru. Nearby were two more catcher boats.

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  1. following this on the news the past 30 hours… BBC 5 live had it also.. keep up the good work. have you HF radio on board? are you the radio officer? slán & 73’s
    ok RTFM done, your not radio officer.. well stay warm and safe. send me a snap for me blog.. bfn bhg

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