Why was this Trocaire advert banned?

In what appears to be the most ridiculous fit of queeny drama since Oprah asked Tom if he liked his new girlfriend, the Broadcast Commission of Ireland (who regulate advertising) have seen fit to ban the following advert by the Irish charity organisation Trocaire:

Yes, I’m sure you’ll agree this represents a grave threat to the welfare of the nation.
+Find out why+
Trócaire appeals decision to ban Lenten advert

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  1. Thanks for posting on this. I got this email earlier:
    As you might know the overseer of independent/commercial radio
    stations has withdrawn the advert relating to gender equality – it
    seems to be regarded as a political issue. It is still being run on
    RTE (TV shows rows of babies with pink identity bangles on their
    wrists). Would you consider signing the petition on the link below?
    There is no money involved, all you are doing is signing a petition to
    our government asking that Ireland supports a United Nations
    Quote from website “This Lent Trócaire is also demanding that the
    Irish government produce a national action plan that will lead to full
    implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 which calls for
    the active participation of women in peacekeeping; the elimination of
    violence against women; and protection of women and children in
    conflict. ”

  2. Tis a feckin disgrace having those images shown on the telly.
    I don’t know what they’re selling but sure some of those wee ones were as black as the ace of spades.
    Mr. O’Numpty

  3. – The BCI ruled on March 5 that the ad contravenes section 10(3) of the Radio Television Act 1988 which states “No advertisement shall be broadcast which is directed towards any religious or political end or which has any relation to an industrial dispute.” –
    Can’t wait for the next PPB to come out, and we can send millions of emails to the BCI to complain…..
    A bit like the Financial Services Regulator giving AIB a tap on the wrist for ripping off customers with arbitrary overcharges over the last 30 odd years, and then letting AIB themselves decide how much they ought to repay those they ripped off!
    These Irish Quangos are, toothless, useless and stupid, though very well paid.
    Now we know why!
    Or do we?

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