Irish dolphins start making their own shoes, apparently

According to some lazy fuckwit of an AFP journalist, dolphins in the Shannon Estuary are making shoes for themselves. What this gobshite doesn’t realise is that dolphins gave up having legs around 50 million years ago. So why would they be making shoes?

“Irish dolphins could have their own brogue: scientists”

But wait. He says brogue. Is he saying that the shannon dolphins are going to wear a big shoe on their one tail?
No, he’s talking about a dialect. It appears that in some dialects of ‘English’, the word “brogue”, rather than meaning shoe, means “dialect”. Funny, eh? Yes, hahah.

Irish scientists monitoring dolphins living in a river estuary in the southwest of the country believe they may have developed a unique dialect to communicate with each other, they said Monday.

The Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation (SDWF) has been studying a group of up to 120 bottle-nose dolphins in the River Shannon using vocalisations collected on a computer in a cow shed near Carrigaholt, County Clare.

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  1. Sir –
    Thank you for your kid comment of May 14th last. In response, may I be so bold as to point out that dolphins are indeed not fish, but are of the mammalian persuasion. They’re warm-blooded creatures, and feed milk to their calves. Shocking, I know.

  2. So likethere have been dolphins in the Shannon since the 6th century,Jaysus, wonder if they’ve made a flashkinda version of the DolphinDictionary
    thatd be fun to have a look at,is ther one for whales?

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