Early Irish Brewers – Bronze Age Beer!

Ireland’s bronze age folk may have been as fond of their ‘pint’ as people are today, according to archaeologists Billy Quinn and Declan Moore. They reckon that Fulacht fiadh – conventionally thought of as ‘ancient cooking spots’ are in fact outdoor breweries. And in fine scientific tradition, they tested their theory:

After just three hours of hard work – and three days of patiently waiting for their brew to ferment – the men enjoyed a pint with a taste of history attached. Three hundred litres of water were transformed into a “very palatable” 110 litres of frothy ale.

Mr Quinn said it was while nursing a hangover one morning – and discussing the natural predisposition of all men to seek means to alter their minds – that he came to the startling conclusion that fulachts could have been the country’s earliest breweries.

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