Save the Langer, Save the World

Blather favourite ‘Heroes’ is, apparently, coming to Ireland. A recent visit to the set of the next series by an insider reveals that at least one episode will be set in Co. Cork. From Testpattern:

We went outside and found ourselves in what, to this frequent Ireland visitor, appeared to be a pretty good mockup of a Dublin shop street, complete with butcher shop (with gory fake plastic cow carcass hanging in its window) and, naturally, an Irish pub. The pub, called the Wandering Rock and supposedly located in County Cork, is built on the set that once was the Burnt Toast Diner, Masi Oka told us. I’ve spent some time in a few Irish pubs and this one was pretty authentic feeling, even down to the real blazing fire in the fireplace. In Los Angeles. In late July.


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