Send the Spice Girls to Baghdad

Reason number 42, 217 why I love the interweb. From NME:

The Spice Girls are set to play in Baghdad on their forthcoming reunion tour after fans voted in their droves for them to play the war-torn city.
The group asked fans to vote online to decide which city would become ‘Spice City’ for the evening, and promised the place with the most votes would win.
The Mirror reported: “Baghdad’s already generated thousands of votes and it’ll definitely be a contender when the voting ends.”
A spokesperson for the band confirmed: “The girls will go anywhere in the world that gets the most votes – be it Baghdad or Antartica.”

You can vote to send the stupid caterwauling bints to have their fat arses shot off by a shower of foaming at the mouth, mad as a fucking baloon jihadis by clicking here and selecting Iraq and Baghdad from the drop down menu on the right.

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