On his Deathbed, E. Howard Hunt Named Lucien Sarti as JFK’s Assassin

Here’s something that was published in Rolling Stone in March this year, but I didn’t come across it until now, and I don’t think we’ve reported it on Blather. E.Howard Hunt, implicated in the Watergate scandal and allegedly one of the “three tramps” at the JFK assassination, was on his deathbed when he told his firstborn son (in writing and on tape) who really pulled the trigger on Jack Kennedy.
This is how Rolling Stone tells it: “E. Howard scribbled the initials “LBJ,” standing for Kennedy’s ambitious vice president, Lyndon Johnson. Under “LBJ,” connected by a line, he wrote the name Cord Meyer. Meyer was a CIA agent whose wife had an affair with JFK; later she was murdered, a case that’s never been solved. Next his father connected to Meyer’s name the name Bill Harvey, another CIA agent; also connected to Meyer’s name was the name David Morales, yet another CIA man and a well-known, particularly vicious black-op specialist. And then his father connected to Morales’ name, with a line, the framed words “French Gunman Grassy Knoll.”…presumably the Corsican Mafia assassin Lucien Sarti, who has figured prominently in other assassination theories.”
More from E.Howard’s scribblings: “Cord Meyer discusses a plot with [David Atlee] Phillips who brings in Wm. Harvey and Antonio Veciana. He meets with Oswald in Mexico City. . . . Then Veciana meets w/ Frank Sturgis in Miami and enlists David Morales in anticipation of killing JFK there. But LBJ changes itinerary to Dallas, citing personal reasons.”
Read The Last Confessions of E. Howard Hunt. It’s an 8-page story but I’ve linked it so that you go direct to the juice on page 7.
Wikipedia: Lucien Sarti.

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  1. E.howard hunt said it was Frenchie. Edward Kaiser nickname was Frenchie.
    of course there is Lucien Sarti & Christian david their marsells crowd ?

  2. What happened to William Greer who is the driver of the limo he was the real assassin!!
    E Howard hunt fails to mention George Bush who was the coordinator Saudi assassination team!!
    I believe William Greer and Roy Kiliman had
    extensive CIA connections and we’re part of the plan to assassinate the president.
    Remember Kennedy couldn’t leave Dallas alive!!
    They were also part of the exit plan leave Dallas with the coffin of the president!!!!
    William Greer control the limo to make a complete stop this allowed him to fire the final shot ( the trajectory of the bullet go line up perfectly hitting the president in the right Temple just above his hairline also the bullet fragments and blood spatter would prove but the shot was fired within the limo !!
    This is more than a theory this was reality!!!

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