Wexford hospital confused by missing crucifix protest

This is just priceless:

Managers at Wexford [Ireland] General Hospital say they are baffled by a Bunclody man who says he is planning to picket the hospital over what he claims is the removal of crosses from hospital walls.

Jack McDonald, of Irish Street, Bunclody, says he cannot understand why the crucifixes have been taken down in a Catholic country but the hospital say the crosses were never there in the first place.

(bold and italics added by me).

I have been a patient several times in Wexford General Hospital and cannot understand why the crucifix of Christ should be taken down in a country where 90 per cent of the population is Catholic,’ said Mr. McDonald.

It’s a fair point, Mr McDonald. According to the Central Statistics Office, 3,681,446 people identified themselves as Roman Catholic in the 2006 Irish Census, out of 4,239,848. Which, my my calculations, is 86.8%. Which is surprisingly high, I have to say . I’m given to wonder if some people fill in “Roman Catholic” as default, because they’re baptised, and don’t see a box for “Jedi Knight”, “Big Brother”, “Football”, “Fashion”, “Mammon”, “Gluttony”, “Traffic Jams”, “Guinness”, “Tribunals”, “Blather.net”, “Discordian”, “Breatharian”, etc. Mind you, 186,318 people said “no religion at all at all”, and 70,322 didn’t give any answer.
But that’s beside all a little beside the point. 86.8% or not, if the feckin’ crucifixes weren’t there in the first place, then how can they be replaced? Jesus Christ, how are ye?
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(Spotted on a Facebook post made by John Diamond)

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  1. I think He’s half right, but then the Hospital staff aint lying either.
    IIRC there used to be Crucifies in the wards of the old Hospital ( the redbrick building at the bottom of the hill) I am fairly sure I remember seeing a crucifix in one of the wards me granny was in when I were younger, there may even have ben something of a religious nature in the vicinity of the nurses station as well.
    I’m also fairly sure that when the new hospital was built they went the secular route with just one in the Oratory attached to the morgue.
    dunno tho I was fair young when the Granny croaked

  2. Crusifixes should be there and i do agree with the bunclody crackpot.This world has gone too PC for fear of offending other races.Walking postboxes and the like offend me if you know what i mean.

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