What does “Italian sunbathing” mean?

I’ll tell you what it means. It is the new slang term for “not giving a fuck when children die”.
Two roma girls drowned on a beach near Naples. Their bodies were left on the beach by authorities while Italian sunbathers happily continued having fun around them. And the Italian government? Those fucks don’t care: in fact they want to fingerprint the entire ethnic group, I suppose so they can exterminate them when the time comes. After 700 years in Italy, the roma are still getting hate from the people responsible for Mussolini.
See the picture here.

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  1. you have no idea the dAMAGE THESE FILTHY smelly THIEVES ARE CAUSEING iTALY.
    while it is wrong to be indifferant,I can understand why.they teach thier children to be thieves,they beg as a form of job.even the young ones that are fully capable of workingbeg for a liveing.they kidnap.the majority of theses people are like this too.
    I woulda moved further away from the cadavers,or maybe even left.
    that picture means nothing anyways,they could have been just watching what was going on and thats why they didnt leave.

  2. Just watched a video here:
    It doesn’t appear as straight forward as first reported in the Independent.
    An attempt had been made to rescue the girls, flowers were left near the bodies and they are being guarded.
    And although a possible climbdown to avoid claims of discrimination the Italian govt. may require all people who cannot provide valid identification to be fingerprinted

  3. The picture of people continuing to sunbathe as the coffins are being carried from the beach, has left me cold.

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