BBC: Not Obama or McCain, but Pelosi will be President

OK I’m exaggerating a bit, but the BBC website has this amusing article about what happens if there’s a tie in the US presidential election. Basically, the House of Representatives gets to vote on the matter (leisurely, in January) and as they have a Democrat majority, the keys to the nuclear trigger would go to Barra O’Bama or whatever his name is. HOWEVER, it is not as simple as that, and there might be someone else in line if there’s a deadlock…

Read the article here
and stow the information in your head for later, to avoid panic.

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  1. Irish-Americans are dancing a jig, for it’s either an O’ or a Mac who will be in digs in the White House this winter. Sean MacCain and Barra O’Bama are causing fierce ruille buille altogether this minute, but no matter, sure we’ll have a hoolie at the end regardless.

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