Reports of UFO over Dunboyne, Meath – UPDATED 13/10/2008

“Small, far away…” (image by Canon Camera, used under a Creative Commons Sharealike License)
Dave here – well, I saw Karl Nally’s ‘workshop’ at the Paracon on Saturday – and the infamous video. I can safely say that the video posted below IS NOT Nally’s one. Nally showed a video from a mobile phone – quite pixelated showing thrree glowing dots on a black background, in a roughly triangular. There’s a sound – apparently the noise of a car’s indicator, as the garda that Nally says provided the footage was in his car at the time. Part way through the video, a red line appears, stretching from the left hand white dot to the bottom of the frame. This, apparently, is the “red laser beam”.
Some interesting points – Nally kept referring to “anoraks” who dared to criticise his footage – the same footage that he refuses to put online for scrutiny, and is now apparently charging money for a peep at it.
Those anoraks must include us members of Blather High Command, although we’re far too fashion conscious to resort to anoraks. Unless it’s raining, of course. Secondly, Nally rebutted the possibility that the ‘UFOS’ were caused by chinese lanterns launched by a wedding party. Interestingly, the reason he gave was that while the lanterns were launched at 22:35 hours, the UFOs weren’t seen until 22:45… so, no Karl – there’s obviously no connection between the some newlyweds launching glowing aerial objects over a small town, TEN BLOODY MINUTES before a garda sees UFOs in the same vicinity. Good christ.
In the same talk, Nally talked about a politician, apparently in the west of Ireland who had claimed to have seen a UFO. Nally hinted that a politician – a man of such lofty standing – was hardly likely to lie. I find his sweeping faith in the integrity of the gardai and politicians somewhat quaint, in a week when the Morris Tribunal was finally put to bed. A politician who doesn’t tell the truth? Couldn’t happen here!
As I’ve written in the Blather review of Nally and Butler’s “Conspiracy of Silence; UFOs in Ireland”:

There’s a twisted logic here – on one hand, the testimony of professional witnesses – such as pilots and Garda officers (police), or other traditional authority figures – are taken at face value. On the other hand, if a UFO report is explained away by the members of the authorities, they’re automatically assumed – usually through a series of rhetorical questions to the reader – to be servants of a grand conspiracy.

Finally, another high point – Nally kept mentioning that the images and footage he has collected have been “analysed” and “authenticated” by an “expert from Trinity College”. However, when asked about the skillset and credentials of this expert, Nally dodged the question, instead referring to some third party to answer the question (I didn’t catch the name). For all we know, this “expert” could be a first year drama student holding up the Buttery Bar with a can of Dutch Gold.
UPDATE 09/10/08
Is this the video? A commenter to blather (see below) posted this link to us, saying that this is the video in question. You can make up your own minds…

Also, the Meath Chronicle posted this piece claiming that the whole things was a result of a wedding:

‘Because of Dunboyne Castle’s proximity to Dublin Airport, Andrea and Lyndon had to get permission from the Irish Aviation Authority and the local Gardai before releasing the sky lanterns.
“If all these people were so convinced it was aliens, just a little research with the Irish aviation authorities would have told them what it was,” Andrea said.

End Update

Some comments posted below an article on the Tribune claim that the UFOs were nothing more than, you guessed it, our old friend, the Chinese lanterns. Regular readers will know that a great many UFO flaps from the last two years. Carl Nally himself also posted though, stating that the lanterns had nothing to do with it.
End Update
Original post
Old Blather favourite Carl Nally is back with a bang. Okay, well, a triangle. From the Irish Independent:

Dramatic eye-witness testimony was heard at a conference over the weekend which, delegates were told, provided “definitive” proof of recent UFO activity in the skies around north Dublin and Meath.
Footage, filmed on a camera phone at 10.35pm on August 3 near Dunboyne was also played and replayed to over 70 delegates who attended the fifth Irish International UFO conference in Carrick-on-Shannon.
The triangular shaped image, with lights at each point, which appeared to send a red laser-type light towards earth, drew gasps of amazement from the 70 or so delegates who attended the world premiere of the footage.
“There is no footage like this in the world. It is the most amazing and spectacular I have ever seen,” said Carl Nally, co-founder of UFO and Paranormal Research Ireland and joint author of ‘Conspiracy of Silence’.

Read full article
Okay now – hang on a second there. Let’s take a closer look for a moment.

‘And Fianna Fail Town Councillor in Trim, Jimmy Peppard, ran indoors for a camera on August 8 when he spotted a triangular-shaped object measuring “about a mile in diameter” in the sky, where it remained static for about half an hour.’

A mile in diameter? Measured against what? Clouds? Birds? Did anyone ask?
Then this from Nally:

He later described the laser beam footage as the best footage on the planet and said it would be shown all over the world. “This is what the sceptics are crying out for. What all this footage has in common is that trained observers, honest people, took it. What better could you get than a senior garda, a politician and a pilot,” he said.

A Fianna Fail politician is a trained observer? In what? Looking the other way? Since when is a Garda a trained observer in aerial object identification? Dr. Itiel Dror of the University of Southampton has spent years helping the US Air Force train its pilots to tell the difference between US and foreign aircraft and has still found that this identification of airborne craft is notoriously difficult and requires specialised training based around a deep understanding of cognitive processes. Were our Garda and the pilot in question that well trained to be able to positively identify a craft as being from another world?
How about we take a look and chat about it before deciding what it is?
We’ve yet to see the video ourselves and would appreciate it if anyone could point us to a link. We’re obviously hoping that Carl Nally and his colleagues will be placing it on Youtube or similar so that the rest of us can make our mind up.
Blather on Carl Nally’s book.
Also see previous Blather articles involving UFOs and Meath.
Photos from the conference
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More about the conference

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. You’re just jealous that they found aliens and you didn’t.
    Although I’m not sure how we’ll spot them in Meath.

  2. this footage was taken in august. and it’s now almost october hellooo were is the damn footage. i’m sure this one is a fake

  3. It’s easy to spot aliens in Meath, they’re the ones with pointy ears, ..whereas the local inbreeds all have Dumbo like ears.
    Something like Pug in the Beano, …or was it the Dandy ??? Anyway, to the locals we’re all aliens anyways, lol.

  4. I’m with alder and zenno on this one.
    I could claim E.T. landed on my front lawn, drank my last beer and impregnated my dog, and I video taped the whole thing.
    I could even say I showed 70 of my friends, but until I show the WORLD this video I wouldn’t expect anyone to believe it.
    Produce this “definitive proof” or go back to the pub and zip it please.

  5. Folks,
    as stated in the piece above the video is in the hands of Carl Nally – not We’ll be happy to post it here when someone provides us with a copy.

  6. ok i will wait for this so called (best footage on the planet) don’t forget just like the triangle F-117 Nighthawk was kept secret from the 1980s without us knowing and people tought that was an alien craft when they seen it. the other craft nicknamed Aurora which is triangular in shape has been fully functional since the 90’s and seems to be an antigravity craft which travels from different bases in the states to austrailian/us military bases. i just wonder could it be this craft. just for people that are not familiar with Aurora look it up online. it has been seen in many different countries same red lazerbeam concept.i’m just speculating that it could be a top secret craft of some country but there again it could be from somewere else. i have personaly seen some very strange objects myself in the 80’s and 90’s which seem to defy gravity. looking forward to seeing this footage when he is finished making money off of it.

  7. Dear Damian,
    The idea that these are secret projects like the Aurora is nonsense. From people in government who I know they just don’t go testing a secret like that anywhere. They have tons of space at papoose lake. These UFO craft have been witnessed by pilots during the second world war. I am not foo fighters now, or just lights but mothership size saucers. The hoaxes are few and usually do not past the muster, at least inside MUFON(Mutual UFO Network) who have their own optics experts and are very conservative. This video will get no where,except with the very fringe, inside the UFO community if it does not get analyzed to death. So although they showed it they will not receive any credibility unless it is tested. I believe they will have it tested in the future.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  8. I was at the Paranormal Convention in Clontarf castle and I saw the footage. The three lights just seemed to float aimlessly and I did see the red laser beam coming from one of the lights. I can’t help think that was added later on as the footage was edited and processed. Anyone with a half decent editing programme could have slapped that in. I found Carl to be very defensive and unnecessarily protective about his footage. (I later found out the guys, Barry and Dave were at Carl’s presentation – that would explain his nervousness) If the footage is so f****** amazing, why is Carl so afraid to release it to the mainstream media? I’d say it’s because they will find out it’s 1) Chinese lanterns and 2) the laser beam was edited in. What a chancer that Carl is.
    That aside, Carl talked about black triangles sighted around Dublin bay. I asked the question could they be CIA USAF military aircraft? I found Carl unnecessarily dismissive of this suggestion as he wondered what American aircraft would be doing in Ireland. I mentioned the Shannon stopover. No, Carl wasn’t having any of it. If he even bother to entertain that opinion for a second he would know that his whole extraterrestirial hypotheoisis would be no more than a terrestrial lump of poo. Here is a good Wikipedia article on other sightings of black triangles. Yup, it’s the good old USAF up to it’s ‘let’s scare the shit out of civilians’ shenanigans.

  9. Anyone who thinks the above footage is of chinese lanterns needs their eye sight tested. Its either a model,a secret defense project.U can plainly see the object is one piece and not three separate objects.Blather is right mate.Thats all that comes out of your mouth Owen or whatever your name is.

  10. First of all Patrick… ‘or whatever your name is’.. spot the smiley at the end of my sentence… indicating the jest in my comment. I don’t believe in UFO’s or any other supernatural phenomenon or foklore i.e Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, Leprechauns or the over used GOD. If you’re referring to the video which ‘experts’ have been referring to Ad Nauseum about frikkin lazer beams coming from a shiney black triangle then yes i agree they are not chinese lanterns. But this video has quite obviously been tampered with. Have a look at it again. the object is burred and fall out of the picture and comes back with more shiny light on one side and a rotating blue light in the middle which is clear as day. Then the lazer beam added in for effect. Mobile phones don’t have that clarity. and it seems there ar two lazers. One arcing the sky and one pointing directly at the camera which can bee seen as the light glows larger for a second. It’s Bollocks with a capital B. Great effort tho. I’m not a writer for blather and I’ve only been to the site a half dozen times. Carl Nally is not a UFO spotter… he’s a Glory Hunter! So if you care to join the rest of the fruits with thier head fixed firmly upwards, go right ahead!!! mind the seaguls tho… they can be quite acurate!

  11. Sorry Barry, I meant Dave and Damien – I am crap with names. Many apologies for implicating you in that sordid affair 😉 and for compromising your integrity and geographical whereabouts.

  12. I reckon if a UFO visited Ireland it would be robbed and burned out. So I reckon,start looking round the Dublin mountains 🙂

  13. sorry to put an end to some of your fantasys but they’re just lanterns, there was a wedding in the dunboyne castle hotel and the couple released lanterns at night. i live in dunboyne and some of them drifted over my house so i aw them myself and theyre nothing but pretty looking lanterns! sorry to disappoint, but keep watching the skies!

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