“Ralph Nader speaks on an Obama presidency”

If you think it’s more than about Obama, I mean, I know a lot of you watched John McCain’s concession speech, I know you did, so there’s no excuse not to watch this interesting discussion with Ralph Nader and others. Video from the Real News.

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  1. Of course he’s right and Obama’s presidency will probably turn out to be a huge anti-climax with little or no change.
    But Nadar would still need $500 million to get elected unless campaign funding is capped.
    How do we separate money and politics, I’m guessing the majority of politicians are in it for either the money, power or both.

  2. On the issue of campaign funding, I think Nader thinks it should be publicly funded – I’m not sure I agree with that. But there are two other cost-saving things that America could do that countries in Europe do:
    1. Shorten the duration of the election campaign.
    2. Oblige TV networks to provide free-of-charge slots for political broadcasts.

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