Will the US now end its sabre-rattling rhetoric against Iran?

‘IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei has circulated his latest report on nuclear safeguards in Iran to the Agency´s Board of Governors, the 35-member policymaking body. The report outlines developments since the Director General´s report of 19 November 2008. The IAEA Board of Governors will discuss the report when it next convenes in Vienna on 2 March.’

– ‘Safeguards Reports Circulated to IAEA Board’ – iaea.org, 20 Feb 2009.

‘The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) just released its latest report on Iran’s nuclear program. The report states that all of Iran’s nuclear materials, research, and development are under the Agency’s containment and surveillance, and all the nuclear materials are safeguarded. The Agency also reported that there has been no divergence of nuclear material, in line with Iran’s repeated contention that its nuclear program is peaceful. That the IAEA report also stated that Iran continues to refuse suspending its uranium enrichment program is, of course, no surprise. Iran considers the four United Nations Security Council resolutions against it that demand the suspension to be illegal. There are good reasons to believe that Iran’s contention is completely plausible… Iran’s slow down of its uranium enrichment program should be taken for what is intended for: declaring that Iran is willing to compromise. The United States is trapped deeply in Afghanistan. Any decent resolution of that conflict entails political accommodation with Iran (and Russia). The Obama administration should learn to take yes as an answer.’
‘Iran’s Détente Gesture to Obama?’ by Muhammad Sahimi, Antiwar.com, 21 Feb 2009.

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