A Kidnap Victim Speaks (updated)

‘MI5 directly colluded in the savage ‘medieval’ torture in Morocco of Binyam Mohamed, the Guantánamo inmate who was last week released to live in Britain.The revelation came as Mohamed broke his silence about the full horror of his seven years in detention in a compelling interview with The Mail on Sunday.’

Interview with Binyam Mohamed in the Mail on Sunday, 8 March 2009

Also: the definitive Guantánamo prisoner list by Andy Worthington, who makes it obvious that 93% of them were innocent people. Update, 17 March 2009: Lawrence Wilkerson, chief of staff of the U.S. State Department under Colin Powell, writes that the US leadership was aware early on ‘of the reality that many of the detainees were innocent of any substantial wrongdoing’. 19 March 2009: Wilkerson quotes an official admitting this to him.

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  1. Just as there is no possible crime that could justify the punishment given to Binyam Mohamed, I can think of no possible punishment to dole out to those psychopath perpetrators that could come anywhere close to granting him Justice. We have to find a cure; a definitive cure is the only alternative. We need to discover a foolproof cure for this rampant psychopathic sadism that isn’t just another relativist brainwash veneer of propaganda.

  2. Actually, the surprising thing is that so FEW of the people they tortured for 7 years went on to join the Taliban! The photo looks fake by the way. I wouldn’t trust the post-Hutton BBC, not while New Labour is still in power.

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