Everything is amazing right now; and nobody is happy

Louis CK on Conan O’Brien’s show. A timely call for a little bit more awe and amazement in the world – especially about flight. I’ve long been an advocate of slow travel – because I get to sail long distances by ship. When you arrive in a harbour in a country you’ve never visited before – in my case, Australia’s Sydney Harbour, you truly arrive and experience the entire event.
Flying on the other hand… well you go to a field in the suburbs. Queue several times, sit in a stuffy metal tube for for a couple of hours, then POP you’re spat into a field somewhere in the suburbs of Paris or Instanbul or New York. Yet this is truly magic, you’re in another country. Unthinkable, a century ago but the human is an adaptable beast – out blessing and our curse.
As Louis CK says: “Your sitting in a chair… IN THE SKY!”

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