The CIA, the US National Intelligence Estimate and the Israel Lobby

Scott Horton: “Hey Ray, you were George Bush’s CIA briefer in the 1980s, right? OK, so and you guys ran the whole cocaine trade at that point, right? Bringing all the cocaine in to pay for the secret war in Nicaragua?”
Listen to this interview with Ray McGovern, CIA analyst from the time John F. Kennedy to George H. W. Bush.
Apart from answering the question on Iran-Contra, McGovern discusses:
– George Bush Sr’s time as CIA director, VP and President, and his relationship (or lack of) with the sinister neoconservative movement
– the seriousness of the Israeli lobby blocking within three hours the appointment of Chas Freeman who would have had the job of delivering undiluted intelligence to Barack Obama about what’s really going on in the world (cue another puppet dance)
– the indictment of Steve Rosen as an Israeli agent (just like Lawrence Franklin, whose conviction you may remember from Blather’s Black Market Nukes! series)
– the U.S. military admitting they’re losing in Afghanistan
– the November 2007 National Intelligence Estimate about Iran
“If you don’t know your way around the web, you don’t know nothin'”- Ray McGovern
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