Festival of Fools, Dublin, 1st April 2009

Calling all Fools!

The Festival of Fools returns! Celebrating all that is foolish and remembering, of course, the 43rd anniversary of the death of Flann O’Brien….

“a strange array of terrible ideas poorly executed by a laughable shower ”

All events are Free with the exception of the Fool’s Ball – an astounding bargain at just €5.
Costumery or other such embellishment is of course welcome at all events

Clown Funeral !

Clownitis offer a rare opportunity to see a Clown Funeral in action 2pm on O’Connell Street
“We will be mourning the death and celebrating the life of our favourite clock. At the end of the procession we will eat the clock”.
Harmonica accompaniment, eulogies, clowns.


Snug theatre!

On April Fool’s afternoon why not duck into the cosy surrounds of a city centre establishment to see a very special short play by Colin Marr.
The Fool:One fool’s quest to restore meaning to his life after a shady transaction at a Tarot reader’s emporium

There will be four performances between 3 and 5pm. It’s just twenty minutes long so why not add a little drama to your foolsday afternoon… Refreshments at your own discretion! (Venue to Be Confirmed – email us or check back here)

Walking Tour of Places of No Historical Interest

Anecdotes, absurdities and anomalies… Join us for a guided amble through the ticklish underbelly of Dublin’s city centre – chatting about just some of its implausible truths, delightful fictions, pass-remarkable characters and Notable Pranks.
Commencing 6pm at the Spire

Fools Ball
Be the fool who carries it on at the Fools Ball in the unique and charming setting of the Dublin Conservative Club (a former jailhouse!)
featuring the Sick & Indigent Song Club, Zorilla, Ophelia and Moschops, The Shannon Colleens, Djs Colm and Sean, a poem and lots of general maggot acting – all for the we-really-must-be-crazy bargain price of €5.
7.30pm at Dublin Conservative Club, 20 Camden Row, D2 (look carefully for the entrance!)
Fools Ball on Facebook…


Festival of Fools Facebook Group »

For more details, visit: www.festivalfools.com »

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