While RTE is Craven and Supine before Power, Blather Won’t Let you Down!

How nauseating it was to read that Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE has gone crawling to that most hated of Irish political leaders, soon to be out of a job, the noxious Brian Cowen, to apologize to him for covering the Cowen nude portraits story, the most newsworthy thing to happen in Ireland in months. As usual, RTE short-changes the public in order to suck up to their darling, the naked and undeserving Emperor. “Oh, sorry your highness,” the RTE sheep bleat, instead of making him crawl before the Irish people to apologize for the cowpat he and his foul political party have dragged the country into. Read about their low, cowardly apology in the Irish Times, 25 March 2009, and join me by grimacing in disdain, or puking with disgust. They have no integrity. They should now apologize to us.
Blather.net just drips with integrity, and has no fear of vacuous, powerful incompetents who belong in the pillory. We have done you proud, with the way we reported this story on Zeitgeist on 24 March. Feel free to thank us.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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