Roma Families Attacked In Belfast

(photo by WMUD, used under a Creative Commons License)
Oh it just makes you proud to be Irish, doesn’t it? From The Guardian:

‘More than 100 Romanians have taken refuge in a Belfast church after their homes came under attack from racists.
Up to 20 families fled their homes off the Lisburn Road in the south of the city last night following repeated attacks on their houses. The 115 Romanians, most of whom are understood to be from the Roma community, were taken to the church in police mini-buses.’

More at the Guardian

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Actually is does yes. Why should we have to host Roma.
    What have they brought to Ireland? How about agressive begging on the street,robbery from shops, welfare fraud,extra expence on the medical system. What have they contributed -sweet FA.
    A people are like an organic body, a healthy body will mount a stout defence in responce to alien material. Without such an immune response the host will perish.Be thankful that there is at least some resistance left, and be sure that most of the people have not been neutered by the politically correct media brigade.

  2. This all stems from the match against Poland in March and apparently…..
    “The incidents are the latest in a series of eruptions of racist activity which over the last decade have been directed at Poles, Africans, Portuguese, Lithuanians, Latvians, Filipinos and many other nationalities.”
    You must be very proud Fintan.

  3. Yes alien material. The Roma and other alien groups such as the negros are clearly alien to Ireland and Europe in general.After a thousand years of domicile in central europe,the Roma remain a people who are insoluable in their host society.The sociobiological and cultural differences are too significent to bridge.
    The healthy individual must have a virile immune system to defend himself,the same is true of the collective.It must recognise the alien material,the non -self and eliminate that infection lest the body is overwhelmed.If these Roma colonies find hospitable condtions they will grow through increasing migration.Like any other malody swift action is vital.
    The Roma culture is parasitic.Apart from robbery and begging,prostitution and maiming of their own children is well known.Like their muslim blood brothers they
    practice paedophile marriage.
    Can this be what you want for Ireland? without resistance it will become a reality here.
    Look to America, how fractured a socity it has become.Negroes enslaving young white girls to drugs,pimping them and infecting them with aids.That is the everyday reality of multicultural urban America.A similar situation exists with Pakistani men grooming white girls for prostitution in Britain.Such abominations were unthinkable two generations ago, but now perversely the greater crime is to point out the racial nature of this abuse.
    Multiculturalism delibrately attacks the folk bonds that are the glue of our societies.
    Multiculturalists are the Trojan horses that allow the enemy inside the gate.They are traitors to the generations that have gone before and are yet to come.They are in no way democrats,do they respect the democratic will of the Irish people as over whelmingly expressed in the citizenship referendum? If they did they would not be offering succor to those who are most clearly unwelcome.
    The multiculturalist is not just a dangerous fool,he is a perverter of all that is natural and true.

  4. I don’t know where to start. I literally don’t. The number of ignorant, ill-informed, factually inaccurate statements in that last comment beggars belief.
    Fintan, please provide factual evidence for the assertions you have made. Specifically I would like to see links to known authorities, on websites, detailing evidence of ‘paedophile marriage’, negroes (what a charming term, bet you had to fight not to use the other ‘n’ word) ‘pimping their kids and infecting them with aids’ and ‘pakistani medn grooming white girls’ for prostitution in the UK’.
    If you can’t provide such evidence then I submit you that you are nothing more than a pig-ignorant Nazi.

  5. You are blind, “Birdbath”.
    Take a walk down Moore street and the scales, they shall fall from thine eyes. That’s if you go into Fernardo Doink – he’s this fabulous Chilean guy who will descale your eyes for a reasonable fee. Nice deli on the side too.
    Ahem, sorry.
    Go wan Fintan and show these milksop multiculturalist sociobiological denialists! Even if the sound of it is really quite atro-cious.

  6. I bet Fintan has a poster on his bedroom wall of a glorious knight riding a pristine white unicorn, off to do battle with a bunch of black and white minstrels.
    I also bet Fintan has a poster under his bed of same knight being twanged twixt the arsecheeks by said unicorn.
    “Not so brave now, eh sir knight? How base to find thyself unicornholed, as it were!” [fwap, tug]

  7. A difficult truth will evoke hysterical responses.My orientation is hetrosexual and has been actively so since I was 12. Anyway questioning a posters sexuality is plain stupid and puerile,and you know it.It shows you are unwilling or unable to challenge my points.
    Nat king Coleslaw your unicorn speaks volumes about yourself.
    Here are some sources to show Birdbath that I am not some “pig ignorant Nazi”

  8. A difficult truth? What truth are you referring to?
    The link to the Guardian you posted doesn’t work, and the link to the BBC refers to one dispute about isolated cases and speaks more to local feuds in Romania than anything else. I’m not denying that some Roma marry earlier than many ‘settled’ Europeans communities do, but early marriages within communities with a high level of early death is not uncommon. I don’t care for it myself, but it does happen. I’ll remind you that that was the case with all Europeans until about two centuries ago.
    Taking one article about Roma from Romania and applying what you read in there to all Roma is as ridiculous as a British person reading about the actions of the ignorant neanderthals that attacked those families in Belfast and assuming that their behaviour is representative of all people from Ireland. It’s absurd.
    If that’s the best evidence you can present for the Roma being an ‘alien infection’, negroes ‘pimping their kids’ (as you earlier asserted) and the other slew of vilely ignorant, ridiculously sweeping generalisations that you’re peddling then, being blunt, I’m not really that worried about the rise of neo-fascists in Ireland. You’re clearly too idiotic to engage in a reasonable debate and can only limit yourself to peddling ignorant racist, actionable allegations on the internet from the safety of your computer screen.
    I can only conclude that you’re as spineless and cowardly as the goosestepping goons that decided to terrorise poverty-line, immigrant families in their homes in Belfast this week.

  9. Damien, there are countless incidents of paedophile marriage among the Roma, it is a cultural norm.Incidents have occured here in Ireland,including the abduction of a 12 year old girl.From Henry McDonald;
    Pakistani’s grooming and prostituting teenage English girls, an investigation by Julie Bindel;
    I did not say negroes pimped their kids, I said that white teenage girls are being pimped by them ,many of whom become infected with hiv.
    Evidence of white girls being exploited by black pimps is provided by Sereny; The Invisible Children ,
    paedophelia and child abuse in America (1985)
    ” Black pimps prefer to deal with white girls possibly because black girls are too street wise and would fight back and insist on a percentage of their earnings.”
    Other motives are suggested by Serney,quoting a pimp” can you think of a better way at getting back at whitie than to deal with his kids”
    Other social scientists who have studied the problem are Diane Schetky and Arthur Green. Besides these sources it is popular knowledge that blacks contol street prostitution in much of urban America and of course young white girls are in demand for obvious aesthetic reasons.

  10. These attacks don’t make me ashamed to be Irish, because Ireland and Irishness had little to do with them. Given the area they happened in he thugs and bigots who carried them out would consider themselves British. Also they shouldn’t be seen as a single event but part of a series of attacks going back to at least the early 1990s. As the population of the Village area of the Lisburn Road declined more houses came up for rent first students then more recently migrant workers moved in. At first the attacks reflected traditional Belfast values with any outsider thought to be a Catholic being targeted then moving on to the Chinese and East European communities. This incident has only got the attention it has because of the numbers involved and a rally on Monday to protest at the attacks and the lack of action by the police itself was attacked by bottle throwing Nazi saluting bully boys.
    But what does make me ashamed of being Irish is the sort of comment made by the likes of Fintan. He is repeating the sort of bigotry the BNP made in their statement issued to the Irish News which blamed the attacks on the Roma themselves. Fintan’s comment also echoes the sort of statement made over the years by many in America and the U.K when trying to justify discrimination against and attacks on Irish immigrants.

  11. Are any of my critics broad minded enough to put themselves in the shoes of the residents of that south Belfast street. You are living on a terraced street, a few doors down more than a hundred Roma occupy 3 small houses.There are fights and loud arguements day and night.Rubbish litters the street.Your community is no longer what it was.You feel like a stranger in your own place.Would you be happy to accept that? If so you are nothing more than an anemic pushover.
    Certainly the display of Nazi salutes in a city that was bombed by Germany in WW2 is not very bright.
    I don’t know what the BNP has said about the issue,of course I imagine there very similar to my own views. I would prefer that an organised INP was in a position to contribute on the matter.
    It’s high time that people like Ciaran jettisoned their most oppressed people ever (MOPE) nonsense. For example, the notion that No Irish Need Apply signs were prevalent or really even existed in America,or England for that matter, is largly an Irish myth,fosterd to engender a sense of communal solidarity.Such tactics are ultimately self defeating because they run the risk of becoming self fullfilling prophesies.
    Richard J Jensen; No Irish Need Apply,A Myth Of Victimisation.
    I cannot provide a link due to keyboard notation problems,but you’ll find it as the first hit by googling
    jensen no irish need apply
    If such prejudice was deep and widespread, why were the Irish treated as a most favoured nation in America’s 1920’s immigration reform laws, laws that excluded all but northern Europeans?
    Of course many Irish people were subject to prejudice and suspicion during the IRA’s bombing campaigns in Britain, what do you expect?
    I think you can get a flavour of early Irish-American opinion on the race issue by looking to the New York draft riots. A more recent example would be the fierce, often violent resistance of Irish neighbourhoods to the school integration programmes of the 1960’s.
    This MOPE myth really has to be tackled because it has relevance for Ireland today. The problem with this country is intellectual dishonesty, people prefer to peddle myths than face facts. Sinn fein uses the same tactics as Irish-American labour leaders in the 19th centuary,to create group solidarity and ghettoisation.In both instances it was about establishing gangsterised control.But for the most part Sinn Fein has failed, the wealthiest people in the North are catholic businessmen. Generally catholics are in the ascent.But for more than 30 years,Sinn Fein more than any other factor has retarded this progress.Sinn Fein is all about the politics of victimhood,deliciously ironic don’t you think?
    Of course Sinn Fein are not alone in their dishonesty.
    The marxists and multiculturalists
    ,the left in general are undemocratic,
    they are compelled by their philosophy to deny human nature and to impose their supposed utopian ideals on society,the result-distopia.
    I have two questions for my critics;
    Would you care to live beside more than a hundred Roma sharing three small terraced houses?
    Will you respect the expressed wishes of the Irish people to stop migration into this country?

  12. Ciaran,can you please provide evidence of attacks on Irish immigrants in America.If you can that would be quite an achievement.

  13. i am good friends with a non-roma romanian woman. and the subject of the roma has come up in past. she for one does like them as she feels they have given romanians around the world a bad reputation. apparently the reason she chose ireland to live and work in is because other european countries have a higher population of roma and people dont differenciate between romanian and roma. i myself have never had any encounters with roma but they shouldnt be all painted with the same brush.
    while on the topic heres another article about the belfast incident:

  14. “the Belfast church in which the Romanians took shelter after the attacks has been vandalised.
    Seven windows in the Belfast City church were smashed and the front door damaged in the attack, which happened overnight.”

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