Sibel Edmonds Finally Testifies Under Oath (video and pdf)

Sibel Edmonds, a key figure in’s Black Market Nukes! story last year, has finally testified under oath in the US. Both the video of her deposition, and a pdf transcript, are on the Brad Blog:
‘Thanks to a subpoena issued by the campaign of Ohio’s 2nd District Democratic U.S. Congressional candidate David Krikorian, her remarkable allegations of blackmail, bribery, espionage, infiltration, and criminal conspiracy by current and former members of the U.S. Congress, high-ranking State and Defense Department officials, and agents of the government of Turkey are seen and heard here, in full, for the first time, in her under-oath deposition. Both the complete video tape and transcript of the deposition follow below.’
Blathernote: if you don’t have time to watch the whole Sibel Edmonds deposition online, just check out part 3 (17 mins), as I recall that had the scariest stuff…

Sibel Edmonds Deposition, 8/8/09: PART 1 of 5 from Velvet Revolution on Vimeo.

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