Karzai’s Smack-dealing Brother Works for…

Hamid Karzai, ‘president’ of occupied Afghanistan, well-loved for legalizing rape and record-breaking election fraud, has a brother called Ahmed Wali Karzai. Now, it has been said in some media outlets for years that that guy is a prominent heroin dealer. See the junkies slumped on the ground in your street? That’s where the stuff comes from. The big news, though, is that Ahmed Wali Karzai is not only a gangster but is on the payroll of… the CIA. Here’s the story in the New York Times. The CIA have been paying him to run a terrorist, sorry, paramilitary force, the ‘Kandahar Strike Force’ but boys will be boys and gangs of drug dealers will be gangs of drug dealers, and in June they murdered the local police chief. No problem for the CIA, though. The untouchable asset Ahmed Wali Karzai is still on the payroll. It’s not like he hasn’t helped the Americans out. He kindly helped the DEA arrest an Afghan drug lord Noorzai in New York in 2005… so that he of course could take over Noorzai’s drug business. That’s the beautiful thing about paid informants.
Meanwhile, whether the media is telling you this or not, the USA continues to lose the war in Afghanistan, and has had to withdraw from Nuristan province.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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  1. Mr. Baryy,
    Thanks for your comments on Afghanistan, it shows how informed your are about Afghanistan. It is off course tragic to see the junkies around your streets, but those junkies are there for a very long time, before Afghanistan came in picture. Where did the heroin came from ten years ago? For sure not from Afghanistan. And Hamid Karzai is an elected president of a free country. The country which fought for its freedom three decades. So before posting such rubbish on internet it is better for you to think twice.
    A free afghan from a free Afghanistan

  2. In reference to an article “Posted by barry at October 29, 2009 3:49 PM” Barry your ‘assumption’ that the US military has withdrawn from Nuristan province is completely inaccurate as I’m currently serving in that same province in Nurgaram district. If you were referring to Keating, that was a disaster granted, however, long before that attack the US military was already in the process of moving out and closing that facility anyways. It was not closed due to the attack…
    David C. Charnley, SCPO USN
    PRT Nuristan S2
    FOB Kalagush AFG
    SVOIP: 318 8312204

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