Steorn To Demo ‘Orbo’

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Wahey! Those wily lads at Steorn (the boffins who claim they have solved the world’s energy problems a la Adrian Veidt in Watchmen) are finally demonstrating their planet-saving gizmo ‘Orbo’ in Dublin this week. From

We are delighted to announce the live demonstration of Orbo technology. As well as streaming live to the world via, we are opening the demonstration to the public for free. Come down to the Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre to see our technology at work. During December there will be a series of talks about Orbo technology by Steorn CEO, Sean McCarthy.

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Something of a shame the lads couldn’t have rolled this out in advance of the Copenhagen summit, eh? Eh?
Steorn Get Stomped

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  1. This bluff by Steorn is to attract Big Oil. It shouts “Buy Steorn before Feb 1 or else the cat goes free”.
    The hope is some numb skull with deep pockets comes forward to buy the “technology”.

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