Brendan Gleeson’s ‘At Swim Two Birds’

‘A talking cow? With a gavel? Are you serious?’
Occasionally, just occasionally, you get a piece of news that that genuinely cheers you up. And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a piece of news so great that you and the rest of the Blather team have a collective nerdgasm.
It would appear that’s patron saint, the venerable Flann O’Brien, is set to ride again with the news that Brendan Gleeson has lined up a stellar cast for his directorial debut – an adaptation of Flann’s greatest work, ‘At Swim Two Birds‘. The cast is reported to include Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell and the increasingly God-like Gabriel Byrne. Jonathan Rhys Myers is also reported to be attached.
It’s news like this that makes life worth living.
Watch this space for more news.
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