Mountain Hare, Finland, Lepus timidus

Took this about photograph of an arctic hare about an hour ago, in the forests around Inari, Finland

Mountain Hare, Inari, Lapland, Finland. Lepus timidus
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Mountain Hare, Inari, Lapland, Finland

Mountain Hare, Inari, Lapland, Finland

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  1. We saw loads of snowgrouse on Thursday when we were driving around the Muotkatunturi wilderness fixing the fences with my cousin’s father. He asked me how’d I like being a snowgrouse; I thought about it for a moment and said “I wouldn’t like it, the fox would eat me.” “Oh come on, I would know not to shoot you!” he replied.
    — Anyhow, it’s fascinating to see how you’ve managed to bring forth so many of the beautiful things I’ve grown to take for granted. Thanks for reminding me both of how beautiful this place can be and to watch out for the things that could limit my own perception. And why doesn’t this thing do line breaks of any kind?

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